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Visual facilitation and deliberate innovation: the intentional activity of creating the mindset, visuals, and actions needed to bring about positive change.

Our purpose is to bring deliberate innovation through visual facilitation to individuals, groups and teams.

This is what we do in our journey to finding creative ways help clients prosper.

1 - work with clients of all types to look inward and improve productivity. Getting more output for the same input,  or the same output for less input, equates to the same thing. Better use of resources and improved profitability.

2 - work with clients of all types to look to their existing and future clients and to give them more of what they want.  Increasing business effectiveness means increased satisfaction, increased loyalty, retention and repeat business. Keeping the customers that you have happy is a sure way of improving the bottom line.

3 - work with clients of all types to look beyond the immediate needs of today and tomorrow which are covered by efficiency and effectiveness, to become explorers. To expand innovating abilities and to convert inspired ideas into productive actions.

What we do

Exploration of issues, risks and opportunities. Development of change and action plans. Execution and implementation.


General mindset and particular fits.

Meet the team

Our experience, our culture, and what we're like to work with.